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Coir matting is a traditional type of matting made from natural coconut fibres and is the perfect solution to keep your entranceways dry and free from dirt and dust. Our indoor commercial coir matting can be made to measure, or we also have a number of different pre-sized mats available in a number of different colours.

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Suitable for heavy foot traffic areas like schools, universities, and public buildings, the coir matting we stock here at Commercial Matting is an efficient way of keeping out both wet and dry dirt, helping to keep your interiors clean.


Coir mats have grown to be very popular entrance and indoor mats, due to their natural qualities and excellent scraping properties. Coir matting is often known as coconut matting, as it is made from completely natural fibres, taken from the husk of a coconut. The outer shell of a coconut contains a high amount of lignin, an organic polymer that is found in many plants to increase their lifespan and strength. As a result of this component, the coconut bristles which form a coir mat are incredibly tough and durable, as well as water-resistant.



As coir mats are made from coconut fibres, they are a very natural and eco-friendly option and are perfect for companies wanting to invest in greener alternatives. Environmentally aware companies opt for this type of matting as the husk of a coconut is sustainably sourced and is 100% biodegradable, and usually whatever waste is leftover in the manufacturing process is used for a different purpose. For example, the longer bristles that are not used in the production of coir matting, are commonly used in the agricultural industry to protect vegetation and stabilise soil - making coir mats an almost zero waste product!

Dirt and moisture removal

The coconut fibres have a very coarse texture, which effectively removes and scrapes excess dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes. The safety of your staff and visitors is always your top priority, and coir mats enable you to keep everyone safe by reducing slip and trip hazards in the workplace. When they are used in areas of heavy foot traffic, they successfully collect dirt and dust before it is tracked onto the bare floor, and the natural absorption properties of the coconut fibres helps keep water away. To further reduce slip risks, every coir mat we manufacture is backed with PVC to prevent water from seeping onto the floor, and we offer coir matting with a rubber edge to minimise trip accidents.


Coir matting is one of the most cost-effective types of indoor matting because it is easy to install. There is no need to employ specialist tools or hire fitting providers, you can simply cut it yourself with everyday tools such as a Stanley knife and ruler. Or even better, you can use our made to measure service, where you can acquire a coir mat already in the exact size, to fit any recess or mat well, saving you both time and money. Our traditional coir matting is available in 14mm and 17mm thicknesses to suitably fit most areas, but if you require a larger depth, we also offer a heavy-duty coir mat with a thickness of 28mm.


The lignin element of the coconut fibres provides coir matting with durability and longevity, making them perfect for high traffic areas such as entranceways. The thick and rough texture of the fibres will last for many years and will protect your floors, staff members, and visitors for a prolonged period of time.


Coir mats can be used in several indoor settings such as reception areas, schools, public buildings, restaurants, and even in your home. Here at Commercial Matting, other than our natural variation, we offer an additional 7 colours including, grey, blue, brown, red, and more, providing you with many design possibilities!


Here at Commercial Matting, we only supply and manufacture high-quality and high performing matting for your businesses and homes. We have a range of coir mat options available on our website including our original coir entrance mat, heavy-duty coir mat, and rubber-edged coir mat, all of which are backed with PVC to retain surplus water.

Additionally, we offer a made to measure service for our original and heavy-duty coir mats, meaning you can rely on us to deliver you a perfectly fitting indoor mat. We also have several pre-sized mats available for you to choose from if you’re not looking for a custom design.

If you have any questions about the coir matting we have in stock here at Commercial Matting, don't hesitate to get in touch today. Browse all of our products on our website now! 


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