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Safety Mats

Our range of workplace Safety Mats helps to improve the health and safety of your staff and is incredibly easy to install. They can be used in many different environments, whether that be an office, school, reception area or leisure space. Safety mats can be installed in all circumstances to protect staff and visitors from accidents and mishaps.

All of our Safety Matting is hardwearing and manufactured out of high-quality materials to offer you long-term durability.

From pool matting to cable matting, you can view our entire range of safety mats below.

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Staff and visitor safety should be an integral part of any workforce, and floor protection is essential to ensure all individuals are safe at work. Safety mats are multi-functional and there are many types that you can choose from to suit your needs. At Commercial Matting, we stock safety mats for a range of intents, whether that is to prevent slip and trip accidents or to reduce fatigue, all of our safety mats are considered to offer a sufficient level of protection to all workers and visitors.

Benefits of Safety Mats

All companies and employees have a responsibility to keep all staff and visitors happy and safe. Poor floor protection is one of the main causes of accidents at work, due to wet and uneven surfaces. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released data in 2021 on the types of non-fatal injuries to employees, stating that 33% of accidents at work are caused by slips, trips, and falls. These kinds of figures can be significantly reduced with safety matting. We stock three main variations; cable, anti-fatigue, and pool, and they all reap an abundance of benefits.

Safety Cable Matting

In work environments where there are lots of cables present, it is important to cover them up to prevent trips and falls. Loose cables can be a serious hazard when not cared for, particularly in offices and production places. Our Kable Mat has been designed to avert these types of hazards, manufactured with a rubber base for stability. The rubber base has been specially designed with a recess, which runs through the centre of the mat to keep all wires and cables in one safe place. For a further safety measure, we have also created our cable mat with a high-visibility border that highlights the floor area to potential visitors and staff.

Anti Fatigue Matting

Anti Fatigue Matting is an innovative type of mat designed to reduce fatigue at work. They have grown in popularity due to their ability to make staff more comfortable and productive at work. Also made from non-slip rubber for extra security, these mats are very beneficial to those who stand for long periods. We stock a range of anti-fatigue mats on our site, which can be utilised in a range of settings.

Pool Matting

Pool Matting is significantly important in wet areas that can get saturated with surplus water. We stock Wet Walk Pool Mats and Shower Room Safety Matting, which can be installed in all leisure environments such as pools, saunas, shower rooms, and boat decks. They are designed with an interlocking system which allows for a proper water drainage system. They are strong, sturdy, and simple to fit, whilst offering excellent protection in slippery areas.

High-quality Safety Matting Manufacturer

Here at Commercial Matting, we supply and manufacture the best of the best, offering mats for a range of environments and purposes. Safety mats are one of our key mat types, installed to ensure everyone is safe at work.  

Please feel free to browse our extensive range of products on our website today. We offer FREE standard UK mainland delivery on orders over £50. If you require more help, get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help!

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