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Runner Mats

Here at Commercial Matting, our Runner Mats are made to be high-quality, to help protect your corridors in your commercial office building, hotel, or school. Our range of runners will help to protect your hallways whilst adding some style. They are a type of indoor matting, manufactured to be longer rather than wide, to fit narrow locations such as hallways and corridors where a normal-sized mat will not suffice. Our range of Hallway Runners is popular with our customers due to their attractive and practical appeal, offering a wide variety of benefits that will leave both your visitors and staff members happy.

We offer long hallway runners in different sizes, colours, and patterns to meet all of your design requirements. Check out our selection of runners below.

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Additional Information

Whether you need a runner for a building entrance or office passageway, our floor runners are ideal to be used in a variety of workplace environments. They are one of the most economical and cost-effective solutions to reduce the amount of dirt in the workplace.


Generally, runner mats are used to protect your flooring from wear and tear in high-footfall areas. Particularly if you have had brand new expensive flooring installed, they can help maintain its original appearance, keeping it looking as good as new for years. All kinds of floor damage can be prevented using floor runners including scuffs, cracks, dents, and stains, making them an excellent investment that will save you costly expenses in the long run.

They are especially useful in corridors that have a larger floor surface to cover. They are designed to offer a sufficient length of coverage for people to walk over, removing excess dirt and moisture before it is tracked into the rest of the building. Due to their length, the level of dirt and moisture that enters your premises is considerably reduced, as the fibres successfully absorb outdoor materials as people walk through. They are a fantastic feature in office spaces, reception areas, and hotel corridors, keeping your original flooring intact and providing a good first impression on visitors.

The removal of dirt in these larger environments also helps to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace, such as slips and trips. Without hallway runners, flooring can become slippery and dangerous from liquids and dirt that have entered the building. Our mats are manufactured to absorb these substances, for your premises to remain hazard free. All of our runners are manufactured out of 100% synthetic fibres that are durable and hard-wearing. Even with vigorous usage, our designs will prolong the life of your floor and will keep dirt and grime at bay. 

Runners can also reduce noise levels by absorbing the walking sounds that would usually be distracting. Particularly on hard surfaces, floor runners can guarantee a more quiet workplace. 


Runners also have the benefit of introducing style, to make your premises appear more professional and sophisticated. If you have a floor area that looks bare or your interiors appear lacklustre, they are a great solution to transform the space. They can help to add texture, brighten up an area, and can also make a narrow corridor seem more spacious - you can truly make a statement!

Our runners are available in an array of colours and designs, to help you revamp your interiors to seem presentable and well looked after. They are bound to leave a great first impression on new visitors, which is important for any business.

Choosing The Right Colour

Our runners are available in red, grey, beige, and blue, which are stylish and high-quality. Colour psychology plays an important role in interior design as they are known to evoke different moods and emotions, so it is important to choose the right one for you and your business.

Red – red can produce a dramatic impact, commonly used to brighten up a space with a bold pop of colour. Psychologically, red produces feelings of strength and ambition, so if this is what you’re looking to achieve then red is an excellent choice.

Blue – if you’re wanting to make an office feel more relaxing and calm, our blue runners will be able to create this atmosphere. Blue hues and tones are commonly associated with mental health and tranquillity and is therefore perfect for environments that require peace and quiet.  

Grey – grey is a popular neutral choice, that brings sophistication and professionalism to any given location. Similar to blue shades, grey is also quite calming and restful on the eyes. As a monotone shade, grey will match any décor, especially if you have a more traditional, modern appearance. 


To ensure that your entrance runner does not move when people walk over, we have created our runners with a durable waffle gel backing. This makes all of our entrance runners anti-slip and safer than other ground coverings, as you do not need to worry about people tripping or slipping. The gel backing is also impervious to liquids, which means any spillages or excess water will accumulate within the backing instead of leaking onto the floor, which keeps your floor safe and dry. Plus, due to the length and size of the mat, it is designed to be loose-laid, so you do not need to stick it down into position. 


Commercial Matting is a leading UK manufacturer of high-quality matting, with both indoor and outdoor mats available to purchase on our website. We have a large selection of products available, in an assortment of colours, patterns, and lengths, to suit all of your needs. If you require a made-to-measure service, simply enter your requirements or contact us today for more information. 

Please feel free to browse our extensive product catalogue online today. Free UK delivery on orders over £50!

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