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Non Slip Matting is used in areas where there is heavy foot traffic, and where there is a high probability of slip and trip hazards. They are predominantly used in areas where the floor can easily become wet and slippery – hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring are high-risk surfaces.

We offer a wide range of top-quality Non Slip Mats here at Commercial Matting, suitable for commercial, industrial, and household settings. All the mats we manufacture are durable and perform to a very high standard to ensure all staff and visitors are well-protected and safe. Whether you own a leisure facility or work in an office or hotel, we offer non slip mats that will fit all of your needs.

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We stock a wide variety of non slip matting, whether that be for a wet poolside or an indoor hallway, we can fulfil your needs. All of our mats are incredibly hardwearing and will provide you with longevity, protecting your floors from becoming wet and slippery where health and safety are a priority.

Types of non slip matting

Entrance mats

We have a huge range of entrance matting available, designed to remove dirt and absorb moisture from footwear and wheels. Our ADEM Ribbed Brush Mats are a fantastic option if you’re wanting a non slip mat in your entranceway. They are made from polypropylene, an 100% synthetic product that does not moult or fray.

Outdoor matting

All of our outdoor mats are low maintenance and non slip to significantly increase the health and safety of your staff and visitors. Our outdoor mats are manufactured out of heavy-duty rubber which can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as rain and snow. They are designed with deep grooves that not only provide grip but also act as an excellent drainage system. Outdoor rubber mats are incredibly beneficial for industrial settings that may have spillages of chemicals, oils and grease.

Anti fatigue matting

We have four anti fatigue mats, that enhance safety and improve the well-being of workers who are stand for long periods. They are suitable for light and heavy-duty working areas, such as offices, kitchens, and factories. Although anti fatigue mats are primarily used to help reduce the physical stress on the body, their non slip qualities also reduce the chances of slip and trip accidents. 

Pool matting

Poolsides, shower areas, and changing rooms can be major slip hazards, especially as the majority of individuals are barefoot. To improve the safety of these areas, non slip mats are very important. The pool matting we offer is 100% recyclable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are manufactured with a raised dotted surface which provides extra traction for your feet. Their interlocking design also allows for proper drainage to prevent water accumulation on the floor. These mats have also been treated with anti-microbial additives to protect against certain types of mould, fungi, and mildew, overall creating a more hygienic environment.

Runner mats

Our runners are designed with a durable waffle gel backing that is slip-resistant, providing extra safety for larger floor areas – office hallways, entranceways, and hotel corridors. Made from synthetic fibres, these mats will soak up any moisture and liquids that might make your floors slippery.

Many of our products are available made to measure, in various colours and materials. If you need further assistance, please contact our team and we will be more than happy to help.


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