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If you’re looking for the perfect entrance mat, look no further than the matting that we have in stock here at Commercial Matting.

All of the commercial entrance matting that we have in stock is available in a number of different colours and sizes so they match perfectly with your interior colour schemes and fit in the spaces you need them to fit into.


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Entrance Matting, also known as barrier matting, not only offers an aesthetic benefit but also a practical benefit to your entranceway. These mats are designed to scrape dirt and absorb moisture from footwear in high-footfall public areas, as well as help to prevent accidents from happening on your premises. Many of our customers deem entrance matting as an essential floor-protecting product, that is effective at preventing slip and trip accidents, as well as maintaining the quality and look of your flooring.


If your building is subject to heavy footfall and floor damage, entrance mats are the perfect solution to keep your staff and visitors safe, and to protect your floors throughout the building. Entrance mats prevent the amount of dirt that enters a building, as they are designed to collect excess dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes before it is treaded in, keeping your interiors clean and dry. They perform to a very high standard, providing a safe walking surface that intends to maintain a clean environment, to prevent mishaps and injuries from occurring in the workplace. Particularly on rainy days, these mats are very beneficial, absorbing surplus water trailed in by visitors coming in and out of your building. Heavy duty mats especially are manufactured to perform to an extremely high standard, absorbing all sorts of debris and moisture before it is transferred onto your clean flooring. They offer excellent safety measures, safeguarding all personnel and visitors on your premises. The removal of excess dirt and grit also makes your premises hygienic and organised, overall increasing the longevity of your floor surface and providing a long-lasting good first impression on visitors.

The entrance mats we manufacture not only protect your staff and visitors from potential hazards but, also have an aesthetic benefit. Our mats create a great impression on guests, creating a space that looks neat, organised, and more appealing than before. We stock a wide range of high-quality entrance mats, that can help transform the look of your office, business, or home. If you work in a public building, perhaps in a reception area or office environment, it is important for your premises to look professional, which can be achieved with entrance mats. They are a cost-effective and efficient way of styling up an area, and ultimately great value for money.


We stock three types of entrance mats:

Coir Matting

Coir mats are suitable for all entrance areas and are manufactured from natural and durable coconut fibres that offer fantastic scraping qualities. These mats are sturdy and have a brush-like texture, to maximise the reduction of dirt and moisture levels. We supply our coir mats in a variety of colours, sizes, and thicknesses, to complement a range of interiors and purposes. For extra safety, all of our coir mats are rubber backed for non-slip purposes. The PVC backing helps to retain surplus water to stop it from seeping onto the bare floor. We also stock coir mats with a ramped rubber edge, to further reduce trip accidents.

Synthetic Matting

Synthetic or ‘brush’ matting is an alternative to coir matting, manufactured out of 100% synthetic fibres that do not moult or shed. Our brush mats are a superb entrance mat option, designed with a ribbed texture to collect mud and dirt before it transfers onto the floor. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, you can also choose whether you would like your mat to be particularly hard-wearing. For heavy traffic areas, our hard-wearing ADEM mats are a great choice, designed with a heavy-duty ribbed texture that is effective at removing larger particles of dirt, and suitable for entrance doors that are prone to harsh weather conditions.

Throw Down Entrance Mats

We offer two types of throw down mats; heavy-duty throw down and luxury throw down, which are perfectly suited for any indoor area. These indoor mats are especially ideal for interiors that need improving looks-wise, whilst still remaining practical. Our throw down mats are available in a variety of colours to brighten up any given space and are excellent at dust control.

It’s important that your building has the right kind of matting to ensure no harm is caused to your team and visitors. According to the Health & Safety Executive, 90% of slip and trip accidents occur in public buildings and workplaces because of wet floors. This figure can be significantly reduced with the selection of entrance mats that we supply. Please feel free to browse our website to find the perfect mat for you and our business.


When it comes to the size of indoor entrance mats, there is no right or wrong answer, as it comes down to personal preference. However, as commercial entrance mat specialists, we do have some recommendations. When selecting an entrance mat, you need to consider the size of your entranceway and the level of traffic it experiences, to stop dirt from entering your building as much as possible. In most cases, the larger the mat the better, as you will want to have enough floor coverage for employees and visitors to wipe their feet. The perfect entrance mat will cover a sufficient amount of ground, successfully removing dirt from shoes to keep your floors clean. Some people will not wipe their feet before entering your premises, so a larger mat will absorb moisture and grit as they walk through.

Here at Commercial Matting, we manufacture pre-sized mats to fit common entrance dimensions, as well as offer a made to measure service. If you have an obscure area to fill or require a larger-sized mat than the ones we have pre-made, you can provide us with your size requirements and we will deliver you a quality mat that is cut to size.


If you need a durable entrance mat today, all of our mats are available to browse and purchase on our website now. Our wide range of entrance mats are easy to clean, providing you with years of service. If you require further information about the matting products we stock or need some help finding the most appropriate type of mat for your entranceway, please contact us today!

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