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Outdoor Matting

At Commercial Matting, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of outdoor matting options suitable for both residential and commercial use. Our range of outdoor mats includes the following styles: all-weather scraper, outdoor Protex scraper, all-weather logo, coir mats and outdoor rubber lozenge.

Whether you need an outdoor mat for your residential entrance or a business establishment, our collection at Commercial Matting has you covered. We understand the importance of a clean and safe outdoor environment, which is why we offer a wide range of outdoor matting options to suit various applications.

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Designed to withstand the elements, our outdoor mats are crafted using anti-slip, heavy-duty rubber material. This ensures a secure and stable walking surface, even in wet or slippery conditions. The mats are available in various thicknesses, with a minimum of 7mm, guaranteeing a sturdy platform for foot traffic.

The all-weather scraper mat is a popular choice for high-traffic areas. It features a robust design with aggressive scraping bristles that effectively remove dirt, debris, and moisture from footwear. This mat is specifically engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

If you're looking for a mat that combines functionality with branding opportunities, our outdoor Protex scraper mat is a great option. It not only offers excellent dirt and moisture absorption but also allows you to showcase your logo or customised design. This mat is a practical solution for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression on their visitors.

For those who prioritise customisation, our all-weather logo mat is the perfect choice. You can personalise the mat with your company logo, brand message, or any design of your preference. This mat not only enhances the appearance of your outdoor space but also provides effective dirt-trapping capabilities.

Our outdoor rubber lozenge mat is another versatile option available in predetermined sizes. It features a unique lozenge pattern that provides excellent slip resistance and drainage. This mat is suitable for a wide range of outdoor areas, including pool decks, patio spaces, and entryways.

To enhance safety further, the edges of our mats are beveled. This feature reduces the risk of trips and falls by providing a smooth transition from the mat to the surrounding surface. We prioritise safety and strive to create products that offer both functionality and protection.

Apart from our rubber lozenge mat, which comes in four predetermined sizes, the rest of our mats are customisable. If you require a specific size to fit your space, we offer a made-to-measure service. This allows you to order a mat that perfectly meets your requirements and fits seamlessly into your outdoor area.

At Commercial Matting, we prioritise quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Our outdoor mats are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while providing a safe and comfortable surface for all. Choose from our range of styles and sizes to find the perfect outdoor matting solution for your needs.

To explore our extensive range of outdoor matting options you can view our wide range of outdoor matting on this page. Please note that while we strive to keep stock of all our products, the availability of our all-weather scraper, outdoor Protex, and all-weather logo mats may vary. To ensure you get the mat of your choice, we recommend contacting us to inquire about ordering.

At Commercial Matting, we strive to offer exceptional customer service along with our high-quality products. While we do our best to maintain stock levels of all our mats, it's always a good idea to get in touch with us to inquire about availability and place your order. Our team is ready to assist you and ensure you find the perfect outdoor matting solution for your specific needs.

Investing in outdoor matting not only improves the safety of your premises but also enhances the overall appearance. Whether you're concerned about slip hazards, dirt accumulation, or simply want to create a welcoming outdoor space, our range of outdoor mats provides practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

With our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, you can trust Commercial Matting to deliver products that meet your expectations.

Why Should You Use Outdoor Matting?

All of our outdoor mats are low maintenance, highly functional, and suitable for both commercial and industrial use. Floor safety, plus the health and well-being of staff and visitors are a priority within the workplace, so you should always make sure your accident-prone floor spaces are covered.

It is estimated that around 80% of dirt brought into an indoor space is from the soles of shoes and uncleaned wheels, from prams, wheelchairs, etc. Especially in the winter months, there is a higher chance of your indoor spaces becoming filthy from rain, snow, and mud. By introducing an outdoor mat this possibility is decreased. Without an effective barrier in place, your building can start to look untidy and can become unhygienic with the amount of dirt that is tracked in. Outdoor mats are a perfect solution to increase the safety of your premises and to keep your interiors clean.

Outdoor rubber matting is ideal for areas that experience heavy foot traffic such as entrances. They not only improve the look of your entranceway, but they protect the safety of your staff and visitors.  The rubber mats we manufacture are made out of heavy-duty rubber which is perfect for all weather conditions. The non-slip rubber encourages proper water drainage, reducing the probability of slip accidents by keeping your indoors dry. The rubber also contains deep grooves, designed specifically to capture excess moisture, dirt, grit, and dust, allowing you to maintain a clean and tidy entranceway.

Our outdoor matting is also suitable for industrial settings because they are heavy-duty. In locations such as factories and workshops, rubber mats can help to prevent injuries that may be caused by oil or grease spillages. They are a versatile style of matting that can be utilised in numerous commercial and industrial settings. Rubber has excellent slip resistance and provides support underfoot to those that constantly work standing up, making them attractive to many of our customers.

Not only do exterior mats reduce the chances of slips and trips, but they help protect the longevity of your floors within your facility. When stones and debris get stuck in the soles of shoes, scratches, scrapes, and dents may start to appear on your flooring. Installing a mat at your entrance will remove the heavy debris before it enters your building. Research by 3M™ shows that without entrance matting, 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed after 1,500 people have walked in. If you have thousands of people entering your building on a daily basis, your floor will become severely damaged without simple measures in place. This shows the positive impact that floor protection can have!

Regular cleaning of your mats will also eliminate the problem of an untidy entranceway. Rubber mats are incredibly easy to clean, you can simply wash them down with water or you can give them a quick brush if larger pieces of dirt get stuck within the grooves.

Outdoor Rubber Matting Manufacturer

We are one of the UK’s leading commercial mat manufacturers. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us today and our team will be more than happy to help. Browse all of our products on our website today. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

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Outdoor Matting FAQ's

Q: What is outdoor matting?

A: Outdoor matting refers to specially designed mats that are used in outdoor areas to provide a clean, safe, and slip-resistant surface. These mats are constructed using durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions and effectively trap dirt and moisture.

Q: What are the benefits of using outdoor matting?

A: Outdoor matting offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced safety: Outdoor mats are designed with anti-slip properties to prevent accidents caused by wet or slippery surfaces.

Dirt and debris control: They effectively scrape off dirt, leaves, and debris from footwear, keeping the surrounding area clean and reducing indoor dirt transfer.

Durability: Outdoor mats are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and heavy foot traffic, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Aesthetics: They come in various styles, colors, and designs, allowing you to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

Q: Where can outdoor matting be used?

A: Outdoor matting can be used in a wide range of areas, including:

Home entrances and doorways

Commercial buildings and office entrances

Retail stores and shopping centers

Hospitality venues, such as hotels and restaurants

Public facilities, like schools, hospitals, and recreational areas

Outdoor event spaces and venues

Q: How do I choose the right outdoor mat?

A: When selecting an outdoor mat, consider the following factors:

Functionality: Determine the primary purpose of the mat, such as scraping dirt, absorbing moisture, or showcasing branding.

Size and shape: Measure the area where the mat will be placed and choose a size that fits appropriately.

Material: Look for mats made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials like rubber or synthetic fibers.

Slip resistance: Ensure the mat has anti-slip properties to prevent accidents.

Maintenance: Consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the mat.

Q: How do I clean outdoor mats?

A: Cleaning methods may vary depending on the type of mat. However, most outdoor mats can be easily cleaned by shaking off loose dirt or debris and then using a hose or pressure washer to rinse off remaining residue. For stubborn stains, mild detergent or a specialised mat cleaner can be used. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

Q: Can outdoor mats be customised?

A: Yes, many outdoor mats offer customisation options. You can choose mats with personalised logos, colours, or designs to align with your branding or personal preferences. Additionally, some mats can be custom-sized to fit specific areas.

Q: How long do outdoor mats typically last?

A: The lifespan of outdoor mats depends on various factors, including the quality of the mat, the level of foot traffic, and exposure to weather conditions. High-quality outdoor mats can last anywhere from several years to a decade or more with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Can outdoor mats be used in all seasons?

A: Yes, outdoor mats are designed to withstand different weather conditions and can be used year-round. They are built to resist fading, cracking, and degradation caused by sun exposure, rain, snow, and other environmental elements.

Q: Can outdoor mats be used on different types of surfaces?

A: Yes, outdoor mats can be used on a variety of surfaces. They are versatile and can be placed on concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, or even grass. However, it's important to ensure that the underside of the mat is compatible with the surface to prevent any damage or slipping. Some mats come with additional features like rubber backing or suction cups to provide better grip and stability.

Q: Are outdoor mats resistant to mold and mildew?

A: Yes, most outdoor mats are designed to be mold and mildew resistant. They are typically made from materials that are resistant to moisture and can effectively drain water to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. However, it's important to regularly clean and maintain the mats to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Q: Can outdoor mats help with slip and fall accidents?

A: Yes, outdoor mats are specifically designed with slip-resistant properties to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. They often feature textured surfaces, patterns, or rubberized materials that provide excellent traction, even when wet. Additionally, outdoor mats with beveled edges help minimize tripping hazards by providing a smooth transition from the mat to the surrounding surface.

Q: Can outdoor mats withstand heavy foot traffic?

A: Yes, outdoor mats are designed to handle heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial settings. They are constructed using durable materials such as rubber or synthetic fibers that can withstand constant use without wearing out quickly. Choosing a mat with a higher thickness or density can also contribute to its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Q: Can outdoor mats help with dirt and debris control?

A: Absolutely! Outdoor mats are excellent at trapping dirt, leaves, debris, and other particles from shoes. Their textured surfaces and scraping bristles effectively remove dirt and debris as people walk over them. This helps to keep the surrounding areas cleaner and reduces the amount of dirt tracked indoors.

Q: Can outdoor mats withstand extreme weather conditions?

A: Yes, outdoor mats are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow. They are made from weather-resistant materials that can resist fading, cracking, and deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to the elements. However, it's always recommended to choose mats that are specifically designed for the climate and weather conditions of your region.

We hope these frequently asked questions have provided you with valuable information about outdoor matting. At Commercial Matting, we are dedicated to offering high-quality outdoor mats that meet your specific needs. If you have any other questions or need further assistance regarding outdoor matting, please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team at Commercial Matting. We are here to help you find the right outdoor matting solution for your specific needs.

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