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At Commercial Matting we stock a number of different types of outdoor matting suitable for both home and business use. We offer an outdoor, all-weather scraper mat, outdoor protex scraper mat, all-weather logo mat, and outdoor rubber lozenge mats.

You can view the range of outdoor mats that we stock on the page below. Please note that we don’t always carry stock of our all-weather scraper, outdoor protex or all-weather logo mats so make sure you get in touch to enquire about ordering.

Additional Information

All of our outdoor mats are low maintenance and highly functional and is suitable for both home and commercial use, for areas that require to be kept safe and clean. Floor safety and the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors are a priority within the workplace, so you should make sure your accident-prone floor spaces are covered.

Why should you use outdoor matting?

It is estimated that around 80% of dirt brought into an indoor space is from the soles of shoes and uncleaned wheels, from prams, wheelchairs, etc. Especially in the wetter and snowier months, there is a higher chance of your indoor spaces becoming dirty, but by introducing an outdoor mat this possibility is decreased. Without outdoor matting, buildings can start to look messy, and they can become unhygienic with the amount of dirt that is being brought in. Outdoor mats are a perfect solution to reduce the chances of ruining your buildings’ entrances and to create a safer environment.

Outdoor rubber matting is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, such as doorway entrances. They not only improve the look of your entranceway, but they protect the safety of all staff and the public.  The mats we stock at Commercial Matting are perfect for all weather conditions, made of heavy-duty rubber to withstand extreme wet weather, whilst remaining intact. We design our outdoor mats out of anti-slip rubber to encourage proper water drainage, ultimately reducing the chances of slip and fall accidents. The rubber also contains deep grooves, specifically made to capture excess moisture, dirt, grit, and dust, which should help you to maintain a clean entranceway. Their rigid texture should effectively scrape the bottom of shoes, removing any dirt and moisture before entering the building. Outdoor rubber mats are very useful for industrial settings as well, preventing hazards that may be caused by spillages of chemical contaminants and oils.

Not only do outdoor mats reduce the chances of slips and trips, but they help protect the longevity of your floors within your facility. When stones and debris get stuck in the soles of your shoes, there is a higher chance of these scratching and scraping the floor, which can cause damage and negatively affect the look of your interiors. Having a mat at your entrance will likely remove the heavy debris before it enters your building. Research by  3M™ shows that without entrance matting, 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed after only 1,500 people have walked in. If you have thousands of people entering your building a day, your floor will become severely damaged. This clearly shows the positive impact outdoor matting could have on your flooring.

Regular cleaning of your mats will also eliminate the problem of excess materials entering the building. Rubber mats are easy to clean, simply wash them down with water and all the excess dirt and debris should be removed. You might need to give it a quick brush if some debris gets stuck.

High-quality outdoor rubber matting

Here at Commercial Matting, we stock a range of durable and high-quality outdoor mats. Our mats are made of anti-slip, heavy-duty rubber and range from 7mm thick to ensure a safe walking platform. The edges of our mats are bevelled as an additional safety measure to reduce the risk of trips and falls. Other than our rubber lozenge mat, which is available in four, set sizes, the rest of our outdoor mats are available in custom sizes so whatever size you need, we can make your mat to measure.

Outdoor matting manufacturer

We are one of the UK’s leading outdoor mat manufacturers, contact us today and our team will be more than happy to help. Browse all of our products on the Commercial Matting website now.


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