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Measuring your Table

Measuring your Table

The best way to measure your table is to make a paper cut-out that is the same size. If your table has an unusual shape, this can then be sent to us to make sure we get the perfect fit for your protector!

Cutting your template

Using a large sheet of paper (or smaller pieces stuck together), cover your table making sure that the whole flat area is covered.

Make sure your paper is flat – you can do this by placing items like plates or magazines on top of the paper. Smoothing out the paper will help to make sure that your table protector is the right size, and not a centimetre or two out.

Draw around the edges of the table, making sure you don’t include any bevelled edges or other parts.

Straight table edge                                                    Curved table edge

Double check your lines and cut the pattern out.

Once you’ve cut your pattern, place it back on your table to make sure it is the size you want. If there are any excesses, trim them off.

If you have extra leaves, remember to create a separate pattern just for them and draw a line on your main pattern indicating where the leaf will be placed: see the diagrams below for more information on leaves.

Measuring your Table                                                 Hexagonal table diagram

If you’re unsure what pattern you need, feel free to get in touch with us!

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