Are you looking to purchase a runner mat for your hallway or entrance? Here at Commercial Matting, we offer a wide range of high-quality indoor mats, including runners.

Choosing the right indoor mats for your commercial property can sometimes be a difficult decision, especially for longer floorspaces, but runner mats can be a perfect solution. They can be used in many different environments including, hallways, entrances, kitchens, open spaces and even staircases.


The Main Purposes of Runner Mats


Runner mats are excellent at collecting and controlling dirt, especially in areas where there is high foot traffic. Runner mats offer a sufficient length of protection for visitors and staff to walk on, removing any excess dirt before walking onto the bare floor. It is estimated that 80% of the debris in any building is carried in from the outside, this can be reduced with proper indoor matting. Runners offer continuous protection of a non-slip surface and are absorbent to reduce the number of substances that may cause hazards, such as soils, ice, liquids, and oils. Smooth surfaces such as hardwood and tiles will become slippery and dangerous over time without indoor matting.

If you have multiple mats to cover a space, there are many edges exposed that may cause tripping and slipping accidents. Runner mats only have four edges that resist curling, which limits the chances of these risks and creates a safer working environment. These types of mats protect individuals that are walking through the area day-to-day, but also makes it accessible for wheelchairs, prams, and any other equipment that needs to come through.

Floor Protection

Having a runner mat can prolong the life of a building's flooring, making sure it's protected from scuffs, chips, and scratches. If you’re renting a space, having a runner mat could be necessary to reduce the risk of any extra charges from your landlord for damaged property. In high traffic areas such as office hallways, building entrances, and hotel corridors, these floor spaces all suffer from everyday wear and tear and would benefit from being covered. Having a durable runner mat in these kinds of environments will protect the flooring from shoe and wheel marks, spillages, and dirt.


Runner mats are practical and can be installed and removed easily, due to their long continuous length. If your building is being refurbished or receiving routine maintenance, runners can simply be rolled up and moved out of the way.

Runner mats have another practicality feature of noise reduction. At Commercial Matting, our mats are made from a plush synthetic pile and have a durable waffle gel backing to ensure the mats do not slip and stay in place. These features absorb impact and help reduce noise when people are walking around, ideal for office spaces and hotel corridors where many would benefit from quieter footsteps.

Cleaning our runner mats is also very easy, they can be swept, vacuumed, or steam cleaned to effectively remove the collected dirt. You should be able to carry on with your general cleaning routine with no hassle.


Not only do runner mats serve the purpose of protecting the public, staff, and floors, but they can also enhance a space to make it look more stylish and sophisticated. You can purchase runners in a variety of colours, patterns, and lengths. At Commercial Matting, we have a wide range of runner mat options that are available in an assortment of colours and customisable in length up to 20metres, offering coverage for larger areas. Choosing the right colour matting can brighten up a space and make it seem more spacious. The design choice can transform an area into a space that looks professional and presentable, which is vital to make a great first impression on visitors.


Here at Commercial Matting, we specialise in providing high-quality commercial flooring products at competitive prices to ensure you get the best deal. Our runner mats are durable and long-wearing, made of 100% synthetic fibres which will not fray. They are perfect for controlling the accumulation of debris in any work setting, as well as providing a design element. If you’re in the need of a top-quality runner mat,  we have a fantastic range. For more information give us a call on 01772 330051 or contact us by email with any questions you have.