Spring is definitely in the air. The daffodils are fluttering and dancing in the breeze, lambs are springing in the fields, the nights are getting lighter, and the sun is getting warmer.

Whilst all these factors fill us with hope for the summer ahead, spring also brings with it the not-so-fun things, and one of those things is the dreaded spring clean! In this blog, we wanted to offer a little help for this often-avoided ritual and provide advice on the best way for you to clean your entrance mats, be these your ones at home or the larger ones in your office environment. You can clean coir mats and synthetic mats with these techniques.

It may not necessarily occur to you to give your entrance mats a clean, but this is an incredibly important task – you only need to consider how many feet walk over your entrance mats on a regular basis, bringing with them a whole host of dirt, dust, grit, debris and goodness only knows what else!

Vacuum Cleaning

We would always advise regular cleaning of your entrance mat with a good vacuum cleaner – this will often suffice for a mat that only sees low or medium footfall but is essential maintenance for all entrance mats and will reduce the amount of further cleaning required.

Using a Mop or Damp Cloth

If your entrance mat is made from rubber, then the simple advice is to clean it using a mop or a damp cloth with warm water and cleaning solution- always check with the product supplier what chemicals/cleaning solutions can be used, as some may damage or break down the rubber.

Washing Machine Cleaning

If your entrance mat is machine washable (you will need to refer to the cleaning instructions or your entrance mat supplier) then you can pop it in the washing machine as per the washing instructions. (For slightly larger mats you might need to use a commercial washing machine). Alternatively, for a cheaper option, you can just hose the mat down and dry it outside. If the mat has been regularly vacuumed, this will provide the necessary cleaning to keep your entrance mat in good shape.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

A wet and dry vacuum is an ideal solution for cleaning entrance mats, especially in commercial settings. They are specifically designed to effectively suck up solid dirt and debris, as well as liquid spills. Once again, you must refer to the cleaning instructions or your entrance mat supplier before ensuring your mat is washable

Specialist Carpet Cleaners

A specialist carpet cleaner not only cleans dirt and debris from your entrance mats but when used regularly can prevent mould and mildew growth too. This is because a professional carpet cleaner will have a high-powered drying tool which will eradicate moisture. This is the perfect option for cleaning high-traffic areas of entrance mats in commercial settings.

As with all of our cleaning recommendations, we always advise you to refer to the cleaning instructions for your product or your entrance mat supplier for suitability.