You may have come across the term Rug Runner or Mat Runners and not been too sure of what they are or why they might be different to other forms of mats and matting. Well, the answer is a lot simpler than you might expect.

Runners (mat or rug) are simply described as mats where they are longer than they are wide. They have the appearance of being narrow and long as if to fit a hallway or corridor. These long rectangular rugs are often placed in specific areas where there is high footfall such as the hallway of a house or corridors in office buildings, hotels, and leisure facilities.

Runner mats and rugs are a very easy solution to enhance the appearance of the empty narrow spaces in your home, office, or place of work. They easily add character, colour and comfort to any room or space that they are used in. Runner mats come in different shapes and forms and can be ordered to your specifications, meaning that the possibilities of size, style and colour are almost endless.

Another reason that runner mats and runner rugs are so popular is their use in high traffic areas of homes and businesses.

In areas where there is a lot of traffic such as leading into an office reception or at the bottom of a home’s staircase, it is easy for the floors to get damaged and scuffed from wear and tear. Having a durable runner rug in that area will help protect the flooring from damage and potentially save money on repairs in the long run. In addition to the protection aspect of using runners, these areas are more likely to get dirty from spillages, and dirt from outside. Runner mats are an excellent way to reduce this problem, especially if you have expensive wooden or laminate flooring.