Did you know that research suggests that when we meet someone, it only takes a tenth of a second for us to start establishing traits like trustworthiness and just 7 seconds to make a first impression? The same applies to any premises so we need to do all we can to make sure we set a good first impression.

With these facts in mind, when choosing matting for an office or personal space, the decision over which colour to choose is as big as the one to decide which style and quality you want. It is therefore very important to understand the reason you are making that choice and what the impact will be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are purchasing indoor matting that will be seen throughout your business worldwide, or just simple entrance matting for your small office, the appeal of the colours you choose can be a driving force in your decision. This decision of which colours to choose for your matting can be factored around a number of variables, including following trends, personal preference, or in the business world, corporate colours.

From the business perspective, the choice of which colour matting to choose can be restricted by brand guidelines and logos already in place, however, a recent survey concluded that over 80% of people said that the main reason they bought a specific product was because of the colour.

Different colours can inspire a number of different psychological signals, so selecting the correct one can have a big impact on the interaction your customers have with your business.

Red is a colour that evokes power, energy and strength, green is associated with nature, growth and prosperity. Blue arouses trust, loyalty and logic and pink brings creativity, imagination and balance. For a more luxurious, classy, elegant feel, black would be a good option and for simplicity, cleanliness and health, white would be the go-to colour. Whatever mood you want to encourage, you will be able to find the coloured matting you want.

Here at Commercial Matting, we stock a wide variety of matting in a wide range of colours. Our 17mm coir entrance door mat for example is available in 7 colours and multiple sizes. Our long hallway runners are available in a number of colours and patterns to suit any colour scheme. We stock the perfect entrance matting and indoor matting for all of your requirements, however, if you can’t see what you are looking for on the website, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly, we are here to help!