Commercial entrance mats are a great, yet simple way to transform an entrance space and offer a number of benefits to your business. In this blog we will explore a few of the reasons why we recommend a good quality entrance mat for your premises.

First impressions last

One of the best ways you can impress any new visitors to your premises is with a welcoming entrance mat. When your clients and customers come to your premises for the first time, their first impressions matter. That opportunity to give a first impression can never be repeated and will have a lasting impact on the relationship you forge with your customer or client, so it is important that you promote a professional picture. That first impression won’t tell your clients how good your services are, or how reliable you are, but that first impression will stay with them, so it had better be a good one! Our coir matting is available in many colours and sizes, to make a great first impression that will last.

Give a warm welcome

An entrance map draws the visitor into your premises with an added feeling of professionalism, warmth and welcoming. No matter what the nature of your business, the opportunity to add this feeling of comfort can be invaluable – especially when first impressions are being formed.

Entrance mats will maintain the presentation of your interiors

During the course of a working day, foot traffic in and out or your building will bring with it dirt, dust and debris. A good quality entrance mat will control the amount of this debris that makes it into your premises, thus improving the aesthetics of the building and reducing the need for cleaning interior flooring.

Entrance mats are a fantastic branding tool

No matter the size of your company, using an entrance mat as a means of branding can be really effective, making a solid, positive impression on your visitors. An entrance mat is one of the first things that a visitor will see of your company when they arrive; it will also be the last thing they see when they leave, so don’t miss this excellent opportunity to promote your business. A branded entrance mat will also be seen by passers-by who may not be visiting you that day but may look to in the future.

Safety first

Living in the United Kingdom (and more significantly for us, the North West of England), we are all used to the inclement weather that the country is blessed with. On average, in Preston, we see 153 days when it rains per year and for each of those days, that is the opportunity for slips and falls on wet floors. Using an entrance mat on your premises can help reduce this risk, as they are designed specifically to absorb moisture from the feet that walk over them. Entrance mats are also textured in a way that helps to clear the feet of dirt, dust and debris too, leaving your interiors looking clean and well maintained.