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If you or your staff members stand for long periods of time, anti fatigue mats can help to reduce the physical stress on the body, minimising the chance of getting aching legs and feet, back pain, and joint stiffness. Reducing the chance of these ailments can also help to reduce the chance of getting more serious medical problems like varicose veins, lower limb disorders, muscle tension, and more. These injuries are more likely to occur when you experience prolonged standing on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete and hardwood floors) and for that reason, anti fatigue matting is very beneficial.

Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

When you or your staff are stood up for a long period, it’s natural for your joints to seize up and for you to be physically tired. When blood flow stagnates in the veins, it causes us to feel fatigued. Anti fatigue matting is specially designed to prevent this, providing comfort underfoot and encouraging the natural movement of the lower body, promoting blood circulation. The mats are cushioned to support the micro-movements in the leg and calf muscles, allowing you to distribute your weight evenly to reduce the strain. Not only does prolonged standing induce lower body pain, but it can also affect the lower and upper back and your overall posture. This is due to the imbalance of the body when some muscles end up working harder than others. The soft texture of our matting correctly balances the distribution between each leg, making it comfortable for all staff and all age groups. These mats will ultimately result in a happier and more productive workplace.

A survey conducted by COBA Europe in 2018 illustrated the importance of anti fatigue mats in the workplace. Their ‘Standing at Work’ survey showed that people who invested in anti fatigue mats generally had better health and well-being. From the results, 68% considered the mats to have a positive effect on their well-being, and 86% found that the mats helped reduce body pain and supported those who already had serious health conditions. From these figures, we can see that anti fatigue mats have a positive effect in the workplace and helps boost the energy of all staff members.

High-quality Anti Fatigue Matting

We have 4 variations of anti fatigue matting, manufactured from a range of materials designed to reduce fatigue; soft nylon, polypropylene, rubber, and foam rubber. Choose our soft nylon or polypropylene mat for light and medium-duty workspaces and our rubber mats for more heavy-duty and industrial workspaces. Available in a number of different sizes, our matting can help to reduce the risk posed to your staff who stand for long periods. They are also made of non-slip rubber, which prevents the chances of injury caused by falling or tripping. Anti fatigue mats are suitable for most environments such as office, retail, workshop, and factory settings. All our matting is durable and cushioned – an investment to support you and your staff.

Anti-Fatigue Mat Manufacturers

Contact Commercial Matting, we are one of the UK's leading anti-fatigue mat manufacturers. Our team will be happy to help and assist with any enquiries, browse all our products now.

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