Whether you work in an office or warehouse environment, you and your staff need to be comfortable at work. In these working environments, it is likely that many of your employees will be stood up for long periods of time. When you stand in the same position for a long time, it is natural for your joints to seize up, and you may become progressively tired. Anti fatigue mats are designed to support people who stand for long periods, especially on hard surfaces. They are cleverly manufactured to reduce the physical stress on the body, and to overall improve fatigue and discomfort at work.

It is important to know that standing for a long time can also have serious repercussions including back pain, joint aches, lower limb disorders, muscle tension, and more, so it is necessary to facilitate all of your staff members. Anti fatigue mats are created with a cushioned base to promote the natural movement of the legs, which encourages blood to circulate properly. If your blood becomes stagnant, it will cause you to feel tired and sore, but this can be prevented with anti fatigue mats.

Although anti fatigue mats have the main purpose of reducing fatigue and injuries, they do have a range of other benefits too.

Improved Productivity and Concentration

When you are in discomfort and pain, it can be hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Anti fatigue mats help to reduce these complications, overall increasing the productivity levels of your employees. With greater comfort and better working conditions, your staff will have improved concentration, leading to a more productive and efficient business operation.

Improved Posture

Standing on hard surfaces can cause your body to stoop, causing neck and shoulder pains. This is simply because your lower body cannot move properly, which in turn, makes your upper body work harder. When your weight is imbalanced, your neck and shoulders will have to work more, resulting in aches and pains. Anti fatigue mats help you to distribute your weight evenly, which encourages you to stand up straight and properly.


All of our anti fatigue mats are designed with non-slip rubber, to further prevent accidents from occurring at work. Numerous injuries happen at work from slip and trip incidents, so it is important to reduce these as much as possible too.

Happier Work Environment

Utilising anti fatigue matting can improve work morale and the happiness of your staff. These mats can help to create a more positive environment, as people will be more comfortable and pain-free at work.


You might be surprised that anti fatigue mats can also save you money. If your staff members are tired and uncomfortable at work, they are more likely to take time off work, and in serious cases, they may end up in hospital, which will have a knock-on effect on your company. When the chances of these incidents are reduced, there will be lower work leave, paid absences, and medical costs.

Insulation from Cold and Hard Floors

As anti fatigue mats are manufactured with a cushioned base, they can act as a form of insulation. If you work in a factory or warehouse, concrete floors can become very uncomfortable and cold. Especially in the winter season, the cold conditions may cause distress for workers, and it can lead to absences and loss of productivity. Anti fatigue mats are effective insulators, to keep your staff warmer in the colder months.

Here at Commercial Matting, we stock 4 variations of anti fatigue matting, that are manufactured out of high-quality materials to ensure your colleagues are safe and healthy at work. Our mats are suitable for a range of environments including offices, shops, warehouses, and factories, the list goes on. Depending on your workplace, our mats can be used for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. We believe anti fatigue mats are an investment to support you and your staff. If you would like to find more information about our products, please feel free to call us on 01772 335001 or email [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help.