What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue matting refers to mats that are designed to reduce fatigue and physical stress on the body as a result of standing for long periods of time on a hard surface. Millions of jobs require their workers to stand for their entire working day, these mats help employees become more comfortable and allow them to concentrate more.

How do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Anti-fatigue matting is specially designed to help you stand with an imperceptibly sway, they cause the muscles in your legs and your feet to contract slightly. These micromovements reduce the strain caused by shifting each leg due to discomfort. The mats are also cushioned to provide a softer surface to stand on. When blood is circulating through the body, it requires some assistance from the leg muscles to propel blood upwards, these muscles lose efficiency when we stand flat footed and causes the pooling of blood and damage to vein walls. Your risk of heart disease, blood clots, spider veins and poor circulation will increase because of this. Using anti-fatigue mats can help you prevent this risk.

Who Uses Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anyone whose job requires them to stand for long periods of time use anti-fatigue mats. This means these mats are featured in receptions, behind bars, in shops and anything to do with retail, customer service counters, packing stations, offices and more.

The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting

Reduces Fatigue

The main and most obvious benefit is that these mats reduce fatigue. Fatigue can have a serious effect on your workforce, if someone is fatigued, this means that their concentration and focus decrease. Without 100% concentration, they won’t be as effective in doing their job.

Improved Posture

When you stand for a long period of time, you put a lot of pressure on your joints because of the weight they need to support. This type of mat can improve your posture by making sure your legs and feet carry out natural movements and distribute your weight evenly.

Prevents Injury

Prolonged standing can lead to serious discomfort in the feet, legs and back as well as the stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Standing on hard surfaces can be factored into a range of injuries including lower limb disorders, muscle tension, spider veins, foot problems, joint and spine compression, postural muscle fatigue and more.

Prevents Falls

Many people have reported slipping and falling in their workplace, causing them to injure themselves and take a few days off. Anti-fatigue mats are manufactured in non-slip rubber and can prevent injury due to falling, keeping your floor safe.

Increases Productivity

No one wants to work whilst they’re aching and in pain. Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time means that your employees will have to readjust multiple times and be distracted by their pain, often having to take more toilet or cigarette breaks just to be able to move and walk about. Employees will be thinking of getting home and being able to lay down rather than the work they’re supposed to be doing. Anti-fatigue mats can help increase productivity as workers won’t be distracted by the discomfort they’re facing and more focussed on producing quality work.

Healthy & Safe Workplace

By installing these types of mats, you’re promoting a healthy and safe workplace, meaning less days off due to illness and less injuries caused because of your company. Having a safe workplace should be your top priority.

Positive Work Environment

With less aches and pains, your employees become healthier as well as happier. You’ll find that these mats create a more positive work environment with less grouchy employees due to discomfort. Workers will be thankful for the much-needed break from standing on hard surfaces, you’ll be able to bond more with them if you show them you care about their safety.


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