At Commercial Matting, coir matting is our speciality, and whilst it is the foundation of our business, we are also fascinated by it. This fantastic material, known for being tough, eco-friendly, and super versatile, is at the heart of what we do. Whether you’ve got a coir mat at your front door, thinking about going greener, or you’re just curious about what coir is all about, there’s always something new to learn. Here are 10 facts you didn’t (or perhaps do) know about coir! We’re excited to share these facts about coir that make it such a standout choice not just for mats, but for a whole lot more too.

1. Ancient maritime use

The use of coir dates back to ancient times when it was utilised for making ropes and rigging for ships. Its natural resistance to saltwater made it an invaluable resource for maritime activities, particularly in the coastal regions of India and Sri Lanka, where coir production has a long-standing history. In fact, the word 'coir' derives from the 1580s, originating from 'Kayar' in Malayalam (a Dravidian language of Kerala, India), where it signifies cord or rope.

2. Coir comes in many forms

There is more than one variety of coir! There are two different types of coir when making coir-based products, white coir and brown coir. White coir is obtained from unripe coconuts, whereas mature coconuts produce brown coir. Generally, brown coir, with its higher lignin content, is stronger than its white counterpart, making it an excellent choice for crafting durable coir mats.

3. Natural pest repellent

Coir has natural properties that repel certain pests, including mites and fungi. This makes it a safe and chemical-free option for gardeners and homeowners looking to protect their plants and homes from pests.

4. It’s 100% reusable!

Coir, being derived from the coconut palm, is not just a one-hit wonder. This 100% natural and biodegradable material is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers as it is fully reusable. It can be used over and over again without losing any of its beneficial properties. Plus, unlike synthetic fibres, coir decomposes over time without leaving any harmful residue, contributing positively to the sustainability of our planet.

5. Global production

India and Sri Lanka are the world's largest producers of coir, accounting for more than 90% of the global supply. The industry provides livelihoods to thousands of families in these regions, playing a critical role in their economies.

6. A natural choice for cosmetics

Thanks to its neutral pH level and non-toxic nature, coir is a great ingredient for the cosmetic and beauty industry. These properties, combined with its rough texture, allow coir to be used in personal care exfoliant products. It's gentle yet effective at sloughing away dead skin cells, helping to smooth and even out skin texture, making it a natural and eco-friendly choice for those seeking sustainable beauty solutions.

7. It is incredibly versatile

Beyond mats, coir is used in a plethora of products, including ropes, brushes, baskets, and building materials. Its natural resilience and flexibility make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

8. Coconuts are produced in abundance

Each coconut palm tree is capable of producing up to 75 coconuts annually. With a staggering global production of around 61 million tonnes of coconuts each year, there is an abundant availability of coir as a resource.

9. A greener alternative to peat moss

Garden enthusiasts can rejoice in knowing that coir serves as an eco-friendly substitute for peat moss, a commonly used but non-renewable planting medium. Unlike peat moss, which releases significant amounts of CO2 during harvesting, coir is sustainable and does not harm the environment, making it the preferred choice for those looking to garden more responsibly.

10. It’s an excellent insulator

Coir is a natural insulator against temperature and noise. Its fibres are used in insulation boards and also in the manufacturing of eco-friendly mattresses and upholstery, providing a comfortable and sustainable alternative to synthetic materials.

At Commercial Matting, we fully embrace the advantages of coir, manufacturing high-quality coir matting products that stand the test of time. Our coir mats, backed with sturdy PVC, come in an array of colours and sizes and are available made-to-measure to meet your specific needs. Explore our impressive selection on our website or get in touch with us at 01772 330051 for any queries you may have.