When it comes to keeping your commercial property or home clean, the right door mat can make all the difference, not only to improve the look of your interiors but also to provide functionality. Cut to size door mats, tailored to fit the contours of both irregular and standard entrances, are becoming a favoured solution among business owners and homeowners. In this blog, we’ll explore why custom-sized mats are a perfect choice, how to choose the right one, and the benefits they bring to your premises.

Especially in commercial environments, the importance of a positive first impression cannot be overstated. A door mat that seamlessly fits in your entrance conveys a sense of professionalism, whilst also having the functional purpose of capturing dirt and moisture, reducing the frequency and expense of cleaning operations, and extending the lifespan of your flooring. Similarly, for domestic settings, opting for a custom-made door mat not only infuses individual character and flair into your home but also contributes significantly to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your living environment.

Measuring for your Cut to Size Door Mat

The key to a perfectly fitting mat is accurate measurement. This is particularly pertinent for irregularly shaped or non-standard entrances. It is important to carefully measure the area where the mat is intended to be placed, paying close attention to any distinctive angles and curves that may influence the fit. Before cutting your mat, creating a template out of paper or cardboard can benefit you tremendously, helping you to gauge the fit of the mat. For those who might find this task daunting, you can seek assistance from reputable mat manufacturers like ourselves, for guidance on how to measure your space effectively.

Choosing the Right Material

The material of your door mat is essential for durability and effectiveness. Here at Commercial Matting, we offer a range of high-quality, made-to-measure options to suit different needs:

  • Natural Coir Matting - made from hard-wearing coconut fibres, natural coir matting is excellent for scraping dirt and moisture. It's durable, biodegradable, and provides a classic look, making it a popular choice for businesses and homeowners. We manufacture standard 17mm thick coir mats, as well as 14mm, 23mm, and 30mm, depending on the level of foot traffic your entrance receives.
  • Coloured Coir Mats – our coloured coir mats bring the functionality of coir with an added aesthetic appeal. Available in various colours such as red, green, blue, and brown, they can be tailored to match your brand or home décor. Coloured mats are a great choice for when you want to make a statement or incorporate a hint of colour.
  • Brush Matting/Synthetic Matting - ideal for high-traffic areas, brush matting combines durability with excellent cleaning properties. Synthetic alternatives to coir offer similar benefits without the shedding, making them suitable for a range of busy environments. Due to the fibre density, these mats are also perfect for properties that require wheelchair access.

Remember, choosing the right material depends on your specific requirements, such as foot traffic, weather exposure, and design preferences. If you need any help with our matting selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fitting and Maintenance

A correctly fitted mat should rest flush against the floor, remain in place, and provide complete coverage of the area without any unsightly gaps or overlapping edges. This precise fitting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the entrance but also plays an important role in ensuring safety and stability for all who traverse it, effectively helping to mitigate the risk of trips and slips.

In terms of upkeep, keeping the mat in pristine condition is a relatively simple task. A routine of regular vacuuming, complemented by spot cleaning as necessary, is typically sufficient to preserve the mat’s appearance and functionality.

Commercial vs Residential Use

For commercial properties, the primary focus should be on durability and functionality to handle high traffic. Heavy-duty materials, larger sizes, and options like recessed mat wells can offer practical solutions. Residential mats, whilst still needing to be effective, can focus more on design and personalisation to create a welcoming entrance.

The Benefits of Cut to Size Door Mats

  1. Enhanced Cleanliness – custom-sized mats effectively trap dirt, moisture, and debris, keeping your interiors cleaner.
  2. Safety – properly sized mats help to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls by creating a stable and comfortable surface for people to walk on.
  3. Visual Appeal – a mat that fits well and looks good improves the overall appearance of your entrance.
  4. Long-Term Savings – quality-made mats protect your flooring, reduce maintenance, and help to avoid replacement costs, providing a cost-effective solution for both businesses and homeowners.

At Commercial Matting, we are dedicated to providing made-to-measure solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to enhance your commercial space or add a personal touch to your home, our team is here to assist you with expert advice and a wide range of high-quality products. For further information or to discuss your unique matting needs, please contact us on 01772 330051 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.