As with all products and items that undergo repetitive and vigorous use, coir door mats will become unusable and ineffective at some point in time. Despite this, coir matting can last for many years with proper maintenance and cleaning. If you currently have a coir door mat installed or are looking to purchase one today, there is no need to worry about when it will need to be replaced, as they can last up to 6 years! They are a fantastic option for entranceways that experience a high amount of footfall, as they are made out of robust and durable coconut fibres, that will last you a long time. With the right level of care, your coir door mat will provide you with a service for an extended amount of years.

The fibres are absorbent and coarse in texture and will withstand a large amount of foot traffic. This can be enhanced with the thickness of the coir too, as a thicker mat will increase the longevity. We offer coir door mats in a range of depths, for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications. You will find thicknesses of 14mm, 17mm, and 23mm, readily available on our website to purchase.

Tips on how to preserve your mat

  1. Clean your coir door mat on a regular basis, especially in the winter months when more dirt and moisture makes its way into your building.
  2. If your mat is loose laid, simply shake the mat outside to remove the excess dirt and dust that has accumulated in between the fibres. A stiff-bristled brush is also an effective cleaning method.
  3. If your mat is wedged in a mat well or is adhered to the floor, you can vacuum the coir on a light setting. This will help to remove loose debris and fibres that have shed.
  4. Although coir is water-resistant, the mats should be kept in indoor locations or under sheltered outdoor areas. Our coir mats are backed with PVC, so if your coir mat becomes saturated in water, you will more than likely have to replace it, as your mat will not dry properly. This is due to the fact that the PVC retains water, as it helps to prevent surplus water from leaking onto the floor.
  5. For stubborn stains that may have appeared after a few years of use, you can hand wash the mat, using warm water, natural soap, and a bristled brush.

Recycle your old coir door mat

If you feel like your mat is coming to its last days and is completely worn, then you can recycle your mat. As coir is 100% natural, made from the pith of a coconut, it is actually biodegradable! From the manufacturing of the coir mat to replacing them, the whole process is relatively eco-friendly and sustainable compared to other types of mats. Before disposing of your mat, discard the PVC backing and simply put the coir in the compost.

Here at Commercial Matting, we pride ourselves on delivering our customers entrance mats that are of the highest quality. All of the coir door mats that we offer are made with care, using natural materials to be more sustainable. Our coir product range is one of our most popular product categories, as these mats are both cost-effective and durable. Please feel free to browse our extensive range of products on our website today or if you would like to make an enquiry, contact us today and our team will be more than happy to help!