At Commercial Matting, we’re not just experts in manufacturing high-quality flooring products – we’re also well-versed in advising our customers about their optimal use. In this blog post, we are going to focus on one of our most versatile products, loose lay entrance mats. We will uncover when they serve their best purpose and why your business might benefit from their usage.

The Importance of Entrance Mats

First of all, let’s explore the use of entrance mats and why they might be beneficial to you. Entrance mats are an essential component for any commercial, industrial, or residential premises. They are a cost-effective solution to keep your interiors clean whilst protecting the underlying floor and increasing safety by reducing slip and fall accidents. Within our extensive range of entrance mats, loose lay mats shine with their unique characteristics and adaptability.

Advantages of Loose Lay Entrance Mats

Loose lay entrance mats are designed for easy placement and removal, requiring no installation process or adhesion to the floor. Due to this feature, they are one of the easiest matting products to clean and can be relocated as and when needed. This makes them especially suitable for situations where a temporary floor covering is required.

Safety Provision

Loose lay mats can significantly enhance safety on your premises, providing a firm and comfortable grip for footwear. With non-slip PVC rubber backing, our loose lay mats reduce the likelihood of slipping and skidding, which is important during adverse weather conditions.

Flooring Protection

Loose lay entrance mats act as the first line of defence for your floors, protecting against dirt, moisture, and debris. By trapping these elements within the fibres of the mat, your flooring can be protected from potential damage, ensuring its longevity.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As a result of their flexibility, loose lay mats score high on ease of maintenance. They can be quickly lifted for cleaning and can be placed in a well-ventilated location when drying. With this feature, loose lay mats can be cleaned and put back into place incredibly easily, requiring much less effort compared to permanently fixed matting systems.

Size and Aesthetics

Here at Commercial Matting, we understand the needs of all our customers and so stock a huge range of loose lay matting styles. From the choice of size and colour to the material, you are able to pick a mat that meets your demands and complements your décor.

Determining When to Use Loose Lay Entrance Mats

Determining when to use loose lay entrance mats boils down to evaluating your needs against several factors:

Anticipating Foot Traffic

The level of foot traffic which your entrance experiences plays a significant role in your choice of mat. In areas with high traffic such as retail shops, commercial buildings, or offices, you will need a durable loose lay mat with great dirt-trapping capacity. Our coir matting selection is a fantastic choice for busy locations.

Weather Considerations

Loose lay entrance mats are particularly beneficial during rainy or snowy seasons, as they absorb water efficiently, keeping your interior dry and safe. Plus, they are a great choice for regions with harsh weather conditions, as they can be easily maintained.

Temporal Needs and Events

For temporary requirements or special events, loose lay entrance mats are a perfect choice. Whether you’re hosting a conference, public event, or simply need an additional barrier during busy periods, these mats offer the flexibility you need.

With loose lay entrance mats, you're choosing a product that combines functionality, flexibility, and style, creating a welcoming and safe entrance for all. Please feel free to browse and shop from our extensive range of flooring solutions on our website today or if you require further help, don’t hesitate to call us on 01772 330051 or email [email protected] and a member of our expert team will be happy to provide some assistance.