Winter, with its frosty mornings and rainy days, often brings with it a silent hazard, slippery floors. From icy entryways to rain-soaked reception areas, ensuring safety becomes paramount. Thankfully, non-slip matting is a perfect solution that will keep accidents on your premises to a minimum. In this blog, we'll delve deep into the benefits of non-slip mats, and why you need to invest in one right away from Commercial Matting.

Why Do You Need Non-Slip Mats?

Before we address the 'how', it's essential to understand the 'why'. Wet and icy conditions often make surfaces slippery, especially if your establishment has a hard, smooth type of flooring such as wood or tile. A single fall can result in severe injuries, not to mention potential liabilities for business owners. By investing in quality non-slip mats, you:

Prioritise Safety: mats help your floor remain dry and safe, reducing slip-and-fall incidents.

Protect Your Flooring: mats prevent water, mud, and salt (often used to melt ice) from being tracked inside, preserving your floor's cleanliness and integrity. If your premises is prone to high traffic, your floors will likely suffer from scratches, scuffs, and chips, which can be prevented by installing a non-slip mat.

What Makes Non-Slip Matting Stand Out?

At Commercial Matting, our non-slip matting comes with features designed to offer optimum protection against winter's challenges.

1. Superior Grip

Crafted from materials that provide excellent traction, our mats ensure that feet firmly grip the surface, reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, the majority of our mats, including our coir mats and brush mats, are manufactured with durable PVC backing, which provides traction beneath the mat, preventing it from shifting across the floor as people walk across.

2. High Absorbency

A good non-slip mat absorbs moisture efficiently. Our mats can soak up water, preventing puddles that are both a slipping hazard and a nuisance.

3. Durability

Winter conditions are demanding, therefore, it's crucial to have a mat that stands up to the task. Our non-slip mats are built for resilience, ensuring they last season after season.

4. Easy Maintenance

Winter dirt and debris can be a hassle. Our mats, however, are easy to clean, ensuring you can maintain a tidy entrance without much fuss. Our outdoor rubber mats can be hosed down with water to remove loose debris, whilst our coir and synthetic types can be shaken, vacuumed, or brushed down.

Choosing the Right Non-Slip Matting for Winter

Whilst it's clear that non-slip mats are essential for winter, how do you pick the right one? Here are a few pointers to guide your decision:

Size Matters: ensure the mat covers a significant area of the entrance. A tiny mat might suit your style better, but it won't do the job effectively. When choosing a mat, you might want to consider filling the entire entranceway to provide enough ground coverage for visitors and staff to walk across. We offer a range of our mats with a made-to-measure service, so you can acquire a mat that fits flawlessly within your space.

Material Insight: rubber and polypropylene are popular choices for non-slip mats due to their excellent grip and water resistance. These materials are also impervious to liquids, ensuring your floors remain clean and dry without the mat becoming waterlogged or oversaturated.

Check the Backing: a mat with a non-slip backing is essential to prevent it from moving around; as mentioned previously, many of our products are backed with durable PVC. However, we do also stock variations with waffle gel and rubber backing too.

Aesthetics: whilst functionality is crucial, picking a mat that complements your décor is a bonus. At Commercial Matting, we offer various designs, ensuring you don’t sacrifice style for safety. From a variety of colours and materials to rubbed-edged or raw-edged, we will have a solution for you!

Caring for Your Non-Slip Mat

To get the most out of your mat and ensure it serves you well throughout winter, follow these care tips:

Regular Cleaning: shake out the mat daily to remove dirt. Depending on the material, you might also be able to vacuum or hose it down.

Deep Cleaning: every few weeks, give your mat a thorough clean. Most non-slip mats can be scrubbed with mild detergent and water, then rinsed and air-dried.

Storage: if you decide to store your mat after winter, ensure it's clean and dry. Roll it up and store it in a dry place, ready for next year.

Make the Smart Move with Commercial Matting!

Winter poses its unique challenges, but with the right non-slip matting, you can ensure safety and cleanliness aren’t amongst them. At Commercial Matting, we are committed to offering top-quality non-slip mats tailored for winter conditions. Don't wait for the first frost to realise the importance of these mats. Prepare ahead and invest in the best non-slip matting solution for your premises today.

If you require additional help or want further advice on the right matting solution to choose, please contact us on 01772 330051 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!