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  1. How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

    How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

    What are Anti-Fatigue Mats? Anti-fatigue matting refers to mats that are designed to reduce fatigue and physical stress on the body as a result of standing for long periods of time on a hard surface. Millions of jobs require their workers to stand for their entire working day, these mats help employees become more comfortable and allow them to concentrate...
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  2. Order your runner mats now

    Order your runner mats now

    Runner mats, or as they are sometimes called, runner rugs, hallway runners or hallway rugs are in strong demand as we slowly move away from the summer months into autumn, and we are advising our customers get their orders in early to avoid any future disappointment. As more people return to offices after the pandemic, many workplaces are looking tired...
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  3. Free Delivery on all UK mainland orders

    Free Delivery on all UK mainland orders

    Don’t forget, at Commercial Matting we offer free UK Mainland delivery on all orders, no matter what the weight or the order value. Unlike many companies who have a minimum order value, at Commercial Matting your delivery is free on our standard 2–5 day delivery service, no matter how heavy or cheap! Despite the current ‘Pingdemic’, we are keeping up...
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  4. Outdoor Rubber Mats and Outdoor Matting

    Outdoor Rubber Mats and Outdoor Matting

    Product Focus for July 2021 Whilst most of the mats we sell at Commercial Matting are commercial indoor mats and entrance hall mats, we also have a great deal of outdoor rubber mats available. At Commercial Matting we stock several different types of outdoor matting suitable for both home and business use. We offer an outdoor, all-weather scraper mat, outdoor...
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  5. What is Anti Fatigue Matting?

    What is Anti Fatigue Matting?

    As the name suggests, anti-fatigue mats and anti-fatigue matting are mats and matting designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing on a hard surface such as a tiled floor for a prolonged period of time. Standing behind a sales counter, reception desk or behind a public bar are all areas where fatigue can set in without the use of a...
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  6. What is Coir Matting?

    What is Coir Matting?

    Here at Commercial Matting, this is a question we often get asked by our customers, so let us just briefly explain what it is. Coir matting is sometimes also referred to as coconut matting, and this is simply because coir matting is made from 100% natural fibres from the husk of a coconut. These are the types of mats you...
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  7. The psychology of colour

    The psychology of colour

    In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton first discovered that white light could be split into different wavelengths hence different colours, by passing it through a prism. He also established that these colours could not be split any further and each individual colour had its own individual wavelength. Sir Isaac Newton also demonstrated that by combining these lights other colours could be...
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  8. One chance to make a first impression

    One chance to make a first impression

    Make sure your entrance hall or reception area does not let you down. Research has shown again and again that once a first impression is made everything you do gets filtered through that first perception. So, if you make a good one, you get the tide in your favour. But if instead, you make a bad first impression, it is...
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  9. Swimming pools re-opening on 12th April 2021

    Swimming pools re-opening on 12th April 2021

    Make sure you get your pool mat orders in early. After what seems like an eternity to many, swimming pools, along with leisure centres and gyms, have been given the green light to re-open on Monday 12th April. After being closed for more than three months, indoor pools can open their doors again, 2 weeks after outdoor swimming pools were...
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  10. Matrix launches exciting new Website

    Matrix launches exciting new Website

    Matrix Flooring is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of their new e-commerce website, Commercial Matting. Net The website is fully eCommerce with the ability for customers to choose from a range of styles, sizes, and colours of internal and external, hard-wearing matting and have them directly to their business premises or home address. A company’s entrance and reception area...
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