Here at Commercial Matting, we take pride in providing our customers with superior quality, functionally effective, and aesthetically pleasing matting solutions. One such example is our range of rubber backed mats. Rubber backed mats are essential in creating safe environments in various settings. The backing ensures the mat stays put, thus reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Our selection of PVC and rubber backed mats are ideal for both commercial and residential use, offering excellent traction and durability.

The Durability of Rubber Backed Mats

The longevity of our mats is unquestionable. The high-quality rubber we use is incredibly resilient and retains its integrity under heavy usage. The rubber backing provides an additional layer of durability, ensuring the mat stands the test of time, even in high-traffic areas.

Exceptional Performance in Diverse Conditions

Regardless of the external conditions, rubber backed mats are engineered to perform well. They can withstand temperature changes, repel water, and resist wear and tear, making them a reliable addition to any entryway or workspace. Whether you require a rubber backed mat for a commercial property or need to improve safety in a warehouse setting, this style of mat is appropriate for a wide range of industries.

Easy Maintenance, High Hygiene

Cleaning rubber backed mats is straightforward and hassle-free, the materials we use do not harbour bacteria, contributing to a cleaner and more hygienic environment. By simply vacuuming the surface of the mat and wiping down the backing, you can maintain its cleanliness and durability. Additionally, due to the non-slip backing, these mats can be loose laid on the floor, meaning they can easily be relocated when needed, making cleaning incredibly easy.

Maximising Comfort with Rubber Backed Mats

Rubber backed mats provide a cushioned feel underfoot that not only ensures comfort but also aids in reducing fatigue. Particularly in workplaces where staff are standing for extended periods, rubber backed mats can make a significant difference to comfort levels, helping to improve blood circulation and reduce leg and back pain.

The appeal of rubber backed mats isn't confined to a single setting or application. Rather, their features equip them for a diverse range of environments. Here are a few ways they shine in multiple spaces.

Rubber Backed Mats in Commercial Settings

In busy commercial establishments such as shops, restaurants, and offices, the robustness of these mats is invaluable. They cater to high-footfall areas, keeping the spaces safe and clean. Furthermore, they create a comfortable working environment, which can have positive effects on staff productivity and morale.

Home Use of Rubber Backed Mats

At home, rubber backed mats offer a practical yet stylish solution to keep spaces clean and safe. In areas such as kitchens and entryways, these mats provide excellent traction and easy maintenance. They also serve as comfortable underfoot surfaces that add to the overall warmth and homeliness of your living space.

Rubber Backed Mats for Schools and Healthcare Institutions

Educational institutions and healthcare facilities are other settings where these mats excel. The need for safety, hygiene, and comfort is heightened in these places, and our rubber backed mats meet these requirements effortlessly. Plus, the hardwearing materials we use ensure the mats can withstand these bustling environments.

Considering their extensive benefits, rubber backed mats are undoubtedly an investment worth making. They promise performance, durability, aesthetics, and comfort, all bundled in a single, cost-effective solution. Here at Commercial Matting, our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and value ensures you're equipped with the finest products, designed for longevity and efficiency. Explore our range of rubber backed mats today and take a significant step towards enhancing your space!