In the fast-paced environment of various industries, safety often hinges on seemingly minor details that can influence the well-being of employees and visitors. One such detail is the choice of matting solutions within a business premises. At Commercial Matting, we understand that mats do more than just lie there; they actively contribute to safety and cleanliness, even if you don’t realise it! Rubber backed mats, a key part of our product range, offer a perfect combination of practicality and safety. These mats are designed to stay in place, prevent slips, and handle the rigours of high foot traffic, making them an essential feature in many business environments.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of installing rubber backed mats and why they're so important across various industries.

Improving Safety with Rubber Backed Mats

Rubber backed mats are designed to provide a non-slip surface that helps prevent accidents in areas prone to spills or wet conditions. The rubber backing grips the floor, ensuring the mat stays firmly in place, preventing the mat itself from becoming a tripping hazard even in high-traffic areas.

The primary function of these mats is to provide stability and traction. When floors become wet or oily, the risk of slips and falls increases significantly. Rubber backed mats address these issues by offering a grip that helps reduce slip incidents, which are amongst the most common workplace injuries.

The top layer materials – whether coir or synthetic – are chosen for their ability to scrape dirt and absorb moisture. This keeps the walking surface clean and dry, further reducing the risk of slipping. The combination of these materials with a durable rubber or PVC backing, helps to keep your floors dry and clean, whilst also providing a cushioned, comfortable surface for people to walk on.


  1. Slip resistance – the primary benefit of rubber backed mats is their ability to help prevent slips. By providing a non-slip surface, these mats protect both staff and visitors from fall-related injuries.
  2. Durability – rubber is a resilient material that withstands heavy use without deteriorating quickly. The durability of the rubber prevents the edges of the mats from curling up, thus avoiding potential tripping hazards.
  3. Ease of maintenance - rubber backed mats are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They can be vacuumed, swept, or wiped down, making them a practical choice for businesses looking for low-maintenance safety solutions.
  4. Fatigue reduction - standing for long periods on hard surfaces can lead to fatigue, discomfort, and even musculoskeletal disorders. Rubber backed mats provide a cushioned surface that promotes comfort and reduces the strain on the body. This can lead to improved worker satisfaction and productivity, especially in roles that require prolonged standing.
  5. Versatility – rubber backed mats are available in various styles and materials. At Commercial Matting, all of our coir mats, brush mats, and anti-fatigue mats are designed with rubber or durable PVC backing, ensuring that you can find a mat that fits perfectly within your space whilst providing essential safety and functionality benefits.

Industries That Might Want To Consider Rubber Backed Mats

  1. Retail and commercial spaces – high foot traffic increases the wear and tear on flooring and raises the potential for slips. Rubber backed mats in entryways and busy corridors can improve safety and help keep these areas clean and dry, making a positive impression on visitors and customers.
  2. Education - schools and universities utilise rubber backed mats to keep children and young adults safe, especially in high-traffic areas such as corridors and common rooms. The durability of these mats ensures they stand up to the energetic pace of educational environments.
  3. Offices - in office settings, where professional appearance and safety are key, rubber backed mats can subtly blend into the décor whilst ensuring that entrance areas and corridors are slip-resistant and clean.
  4. Hospitality – in restaurants and bars, spills are a frequent occurrence. Rubber backed mats can significantly reduce the risk of slip accidents in these areas. They are also beneficial in behind front-of-house areas where long-standing hours are common.

At Commercial Matting, we offer a range of mats that combine safety and durability, suitable for a variety of industries. Investing in high-quality rubber backed mats is not just a safety measure but also a wise business decision that can lead to a safer, more productive, and hygienic environment.

Explore our range today to find the perfect matting solution for your industry’s specific needs. If you want to find more information about the products we stock, please contact us on 01772 330051 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!