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Here at Commercial Matting, our runner mats are made to be high-quality, to help protect your hallways in your commercial office building.

We offer long hallway mats in different sizes, colours, and patterns. Check out our range of runners below.

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Our high-quality floor runner mats will help to protect your hallways whilst adding some style. They are a type of indoor matting, manufactured to be longer rather than wide, to fit narrow areas such as hallways and corridors where a normal-sized mat will not suffice.

Runner Mats for Floor Protection

Whether you need a mat for a building entrance or office hallway, our floor runners are ideal to be used in a variety of workplace environments. Generally, runner mats are used to protect your flooring from wear and tear in high foot traffic areas. Particularly if you have brand new expensive flooring, this type of mat can help maintain its original appearance, keeping it looking as good as new for years. All kinds of floor damage can be prevented including scuffs, cracks, dents, and stains, making them an excellent investment that will save you potential costly expenses in the long run.

They are especially useful in large spaces, that have a larger floor surface to cover. Designed to offer a sufficient length of mat coverage for people to walk over, removing excess dirt and moisture before it is tracked into the rest of the building. They can look great in office spaces, reception areas, and hotel corridors, keeping your original flooring intact and providing a good first impression on visitors.

The removal of dirt in these larger areas also helps to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace, such as slips and trips. Without hallway runners, flooring can become slippery and dangerous from liquids and dirt that have entered the building. Our mats are designed to absorb these substances, for your premises to remain hazard free.

Hallway Runners for Style

Runners also have the benefit of adding style, and enhancing your interiors to look professional and sophisticated. If you have a floor area that looks a bit bare, they are a great solution to fill that space. They can help to add texture, brighten up an area, and can also make a narrow hallway look more spacious.

Available in an array of colours and patterns, runners can transform your area into a space that looks presentable and well-looked after. They are bound to make a great first impression on new visitors, which is important for any business.

Choosing the Right Colour

Our hallway runners are available in red, grey, beige, and blue, to offer you a selection of colours to choose from. Colours are known for evoking different moods and emotions as they play a powerful role in interior design, so it is important to choose the right one for you and your business.

Red – red can produce a dramatic impact, commonly used to brighten up an area with a pop of colour. Psychologically, red produces feelings of strength and ambition, so if this is what you’re looking to achieve then red might be an excellent choice.

Blue – if you’re looking to make an office space feel more relaxing and calm, our blue runner mats will be able to create this atmosphere.

Grey – grey is a popular choice, as it adds sophistication and professionalism to any given area, whilst being restful on the eyes.

High-quality Mat Manufacturer

Our runner mats are designed with a durable waffle gel backing, that is anti-slip and impervious to liquids. They ensure that your floor is protected from the rigours of everyday life, with dirt and grime kept at bay. We have a large selection of mats available on our website, in an assortment of colours, patterns, and lengths, to suit all of your needs.

They are manufactured out of 100% synthetic fibre, which is durable and long-wearing. Please feel free to browse our high-quality products today.

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