Runner mats, or as they are sometimes called, runner rugs, hallway runners or hallway rugs are in strong demand as we slowly move away from the summer months into autumn, and we are advising our customers get their orders in early to avoid any future disappointment.

As more people return to offices after the pandemic, many workplaces are looking tired and neglected after 18 months of reduced usage and limited visitors, so now is the time to brighten up any internal corridor or hallway with a fresh new runner.

Runner mats are simply rugs or mats that are longer than they are wide. They have the appearance of being narrow and long and are manufactured to fit internal hallways or corridors, softening the harsh appearance of a long, cold corridor.

One of the products in highest demand is our Long Hallway Entrance Runner Mat Grey Wind which is available from just £30.24p. This is a very economical option for high traffic areas in the home and is made from 100% synthetic fibers. The Long Hallway Entrance Runner Mat Grey Wind will not fray and has a total thickness of of 6.0mm (+/- 0.5mm) and a total weight of 1300 g/m2 (+/-7.5%). With this new innovative design, it is an ideal product to brighten up any room and prolong the life of your floor. This product has a durable waffle gel backing that is anti-slip and impervious to liquids, ensuring that your floor is protected from the rigours of everyday life and ensures that dirt and grime are kept at bay. This product is a loose lay product, so does not require sticking or gluing into position.

We currently have a range of long hallway entrance runner mats in stock in a range of colours including blue, grey, red, beige, and charcoal black. Our stylish high quality floor runners are made to measure and offer protection for your hallway and are loose lay so require no gluing or sticking. Available in lengths up to 20 metres with a standard width of 67cm.

Runners are a great solution for prolonging the life of your floor, but also, they are a cost effective way of covering up unsightly or worn floors at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.